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KP Astrology Software

KP Astrology Natal and Horary Software

DARI is going to launch soon the web based KP astrology software application for both natal and horary for its esteemed KP astrology training students and astrologers. Using this KP software web application, students would be able to practise KP chart predictions on any mobile anytime, anywhere. This KP software application is absolutely free for DARI students during their course period. DARI provides user ID and passwords to students for online practise on the website of Divine Astrological Research Institute.

We would also like to have your feedback about this web application and what you would like us to improve in this application so as to further enrich your experience. You can send your feedback

Features of KP astrology software

KP system (Krishnamurthi Paddhati) is the most advanced predictive system in vedic astrology. Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy is the inventor of KP system. The KP system followers are increasing day by day throughout the world. Since KP system is being practised by thousands of astrologers all over the world we are introducing web access KP astrology software to our KP students for their practise purpose. In this software we have added maximum features of KP astrology. The salient features of KP astrology software is as follows.

KP significators

House wise significators

Planets which are placed in the stars of occupants of house. These significators are the most powerful. Occupants in the house. Planets which are placed in the stars of the lord of that house. The lord of that house planets that are in conjuction with the above 1 to 4 level planets which are aspected by that 1 to 4 significators

Planet houses signification

Planet star lord in house. Planet star lord own house/houses. Planet in house. Planet house/houses own. Planet sub lord signifying houses. Conjoined planets signifying houses. Aspecting planets signifying houses.

Vimshottari Dasha year options

  • Sidereal year
  • Tropical year
  • Anomalistic year
  • Eclipse year
  • Synodic year

Vimshottari Dasha year's compression

  • 120 years
  • 5 years
  • 1 year

Vimshottari Dasha periods

  • Mahadasha periods of 9 planets
  • Mahadasha-Antardasha periods of 9 planets
  • Mahadasha-Antardasha-Pratyanthardasha periods of 9 planets
  • Mahadasha-Antardasha-Pratyanthardasha-Sookshmadaha periods of 9 planets

Ayanamsa options

  • Sayana
  • Krishnamurthi
  • New KP
  • DARI
  • Fagan Bradley
  • Lahiri
  • Deluce
  • Raman
  • Ushashashi
  • DJWhal_Khul
  • Yukteshwar
  • JN_Bhasin
  • Babyl_Kugler1
  • Babyl_Kugler2
  • Babyl_Kugler3
  • Babyl_Huber
  • Babyl_ETPSC
  • Aldebaran_15TAU
  • Hipparchos
  • Sassanian
  • Galcent_0Sag
  • J2000
  • J1900
  • B1950
  • Custom

House system options

  • Placidus
  • Koch
  • Porphyrius
  • regiomontanus
  • Campanus
  • Equal cusp
  • Middle of house

Chart rotated system

Charts can be rotated to 12 houses with KP significators for both natal and horary charts

Horary options

  • 1-249
  • 1-2193

Prediction of event in KP

  • Selection of event to be predicted
  • Grouping houses selection for event
  • Grouping houses cusps sub lords signifying houses table
  • Grouping houses significators table
  • Planets signifying strength to houses
  • Grouping houses significator table
  • Grouping houses all significators
  • Ruling planets at the moment of decision
  • Day lord
  • Sign lord of moon
  • Star lord of moon
  • Lagna lord
  • Lagna star lord (option)
  • Lagna sublord (option)
  • Lagna subsublord (option)
  • Planets aspecting lagna (option)
  • Planets in lagna (option)
  • All R.Ps (Excluding planets in retrograde star lords and sub lords)
  • Common significators between group housing significators and R.Ps
  • Present Dasa-Bukthi-Anthara-Sookma period
  • Expecting even in Dasa-Bukthi-Anthara-Sookma

Birth time rectification

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